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Give one example of a time that you had to give a supervisor negative feedback

They asked me to describe my background and what drew me to Transtreme.

Why are you leaving your current job? What would your boss say about you? How would you teach to different kinds of patients? What is a challenge or conflict that you had with someone and how solve it? Describe something you taught and how you prepared for it.

What do you want the employer to know about you?

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I was not properly prepared for the interview, which was more like a 2 hour exam. No one asked me any questions typical of a "interview" such as "why you want to work here" etc...

It was mostly about me and my experience

-How do you feel working in a correctional facility and inmates? -Do you mind working in different shifts,weekends,holidays,even extend hours or facility transfer if needed? -Tell us about your nursing experience. -Situational questions such as : 1.What are you going to do if an inmate wrote a note telling he wants to commit suicide? 2.Signs of hypo/hyperglycemia and how would you treat them? 3.Patient came in with complaint of chest pain,how would you assess the pain? What do you think is the possible diagnosis?

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