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Senior DevOps Engineer Interview Questions in San Francisco, CA


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Demonstrate writing SQL to create related tables for a one-to-many relationship and then demonstrate SQL to query the tables using joins.

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I wrote the code in the online collaborative editor to the interviewer's satisfaction

which cities do you want to work ?

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Regular linux and devops specific questions.

Q1: Write a program to print the number of times each word appears in a given sentence. For example "the fox jumps over the fox moon" would output: the:2 fox:2 jumps:1 over:1 moon:1

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What's your Social Security Number?

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It started off as a simple "given this log file, find unique visitors", but then quickly started ballooning in scope as restrictions were given on the amount of memory available relative to the dataset and cumulative results.

Q: Describe a system or problem solved that you're proud of (paraphrasing)

Q: You have a service that accepts input, processes it, and writes output. The output is not what you expect. How would you go about debugging/troubleshooting it?