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The coding test consisted of two questions. I had one hour to complete each. I did not complete the first one in an hour. I think it is possible to complete it in an hour if you don't have to look up methods and arguments on the internet and if you complete the code in the first 1/2 hour to 45 minutes and debug/polish in the next fifteen minutes. My solution, in my IDE was 150 lines long, including comments and white space. if you omit these you can save some time, but since I do not know if Roblox sees the code I did not know if I would be judged on style and documentation. The directions were silent on this manner and I assumed they would see it and I would be judged. The second problem was not well worded. There were many details that were glossed over. The description was terse and incomplete. If I had the same problem in a face-to-face interview I would have spent the first fifteen minutes discussing the boundaries and edge cases of the problem. Given it was an online test, I did not have that opportunity. Instead, I got to work and resolved to use the testing environment to answer my questions by printing the output from the runs. The testing framework only says if your code passed or failed each test. Each test has a cryptic label. You do not see the input or output. In effect, you are shooting in the dark. You cannot debug your code using the input to gauge the missing spaces in the problem specification. You cannot even use it to see what the inputs are so you can debug the code in your IDE. After my first run, I stopped working on the problem. The test framework advised me to 'develop more careful tests'. All well and good if I knew what conditions to test. I suppose I simply could have looked up the problem on the internet, but that did not seem honest. If you take the same test, I recommend doing just that. You will be under significant time constraints to solve the problems.

Would I work at Roblox given what I now know about their process? No, I would not. If the interview testing methodology reflects the company then this is not a place I would choose to work.

How do you think you'll fit into the culture here at Esurance?

"A client company's CFO has absconded the country with $3MM in company funds which he has embezzled. The evidence, audit trail, and information that can be used to prevent the CFO from carrying out his action are within his locked office, adjacent to which is his secretary, who is believed to be conspiring with the CFO. Please tell me as many methods as you can devise to surreptitiously yet forcibly enter the CFO's office in time to recover said documents and prevent the CFO's attempt to embezzle."

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Some technical basics about routing protocols like BGP and OSPF. A lot of behavioral /situational questions

Some technical and non-technical questions on networking concepts

most challenging problem you encountered at your past employer

All firewall related, no good questions other topics such as Layer-2/3, troubleshooting. They should actually change the Job title to Sr. Network Security Engineer if they want someone with advanced knowledge on firewalls and web filters. This way they will not waste time of others. Behavioral questions were a big waste, seems like that guy was forced to take this interview.

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How do you deal with people who don't know your field as well as you do.