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Senior Software Developer Interview Questions in San Francisco, CA


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There is an array of numbers from 1 to N in random order. A random number was picked and taken out. Give an algorithm to determine which one.

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Answer 1: Add all the numbers and subtract from the 1..N sequence sum. Answer 2: Scan through the array and convert each member into a key-value pair such as hash[n] = n. Then scan through 1..N keys to determine which one has a null value (or unassigned). Compared to the "aha" solution, this one is O(2n) but adding too many numbers could cause overflow if N is big enough.

You join our project and the PM submits a bug report you don't understand. What would you do?

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How do you enable WCF services for forms for ajax calls?

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Solve Knightboard puzzle with 5 levels

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The questions were standard programming questions; but some good system design discussions happened.

data structures, algorithms, design patterns and architecture

Standard questions for experienced people. Questions are of hands on critical skill testing questions. Interview with client started directly from very difficult area and higher. Interview questions was asked assuming the person is experienced not drilling from basics . Top five to 10 most difficult questions asked once satisfied asked to come on site or Skype .

Map out a general production level architecture for a system.

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Would I be willing to relocate to SF and give up 10% of my current pay.

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Standard LeetCode questions on LinkedLists, Trees etc. and design questions about File Systems.