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Social Worker Interview Questions in San Francisco, CA

"Social workers bring their passion and commitment to work as they help build stronger communities, families, and individuals. During the interview process be prepared to discuss case studies in which tough decisions need to made as well as what drives you to help others. Employers look for resilient individuals with strong communication skills who bring passion to the job. You will need a bachelor's degree in social work or a related field, and in some cases a state license."

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How would you handle conflict with a co-worker? What would you do?

1 Answer

I would speak directly to the coworker about the issue we are in disagreement about and try to come to some middle ground or compromise.

What kind of supervisory experience would you prefer?

1 Answer

It wasn't a technical question at all, just pointless. I was asked what my zodiac sign is.

2 Answers

Challenges and benefits of working with people whose life experience is very different from your own?

Team requested information regarding my previous workplace experiences, how well I work with a team setting.

1 Answer

What type of education and licensing I had.

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Describe a time when a client was unhappy with your performance and how you responded.

A short clinical vignette. It was so difficult, but it was important to answer thoroughly without blabbering on.