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Territory Manager Interview Questions in San Francisco, CA


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What do you think about working for a tobacco company?

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No problems

Recall a situation where you encountered a customer who was unhappy with an item that you sold them. How did you remedy the situation. Were you able to retain the customer

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Role play how you might solve a difficult client expectation

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How do you feel about working for a tobacco company.

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The need for industry knowledge is not necessary and they ask very broad basic questions. I cannot remember a specific question from the interview process.

Tell me about your field sales experience, management of your prospects and close ratio.

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Talk about DOTT / Difficult situation with a customer and how you handle it / How do you build a business relationship / Tell me about a time when you dealt with a difficult group member and what was the result / Who are your greatest mentors / Tell us about new skills you have recently learned / Please describe something you are passionate about like a book or movie / How did you share that passion in front of people / Name a time you helped someone with their goals / Tell me about a time when you worked with a group in which you had to step up and become the group's leader / Name a time you to rearrange you schedule due to work and rearrange and organize your time / if your product is being undercut by another product of the same category and quality what would you do / Name a time when you experienced a significant change that you did not initiate, how did you react /

What experience do you have, that will help you in this position?

Describe a time where missed a goal or deadline and what did you