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(paraphrasing) Create an algorithm that (when given a massive list of objects containing lat, long, and some random string) can find a match to a specific location within a big list of locations. Some of the data is allowed to have a variance of a certain amount. Example: If the variance is 2.5%, then lat/long would need to be within that 2.5% (it doesn't have to be exactly the same point).

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At first, I asked some clarifying questions, but they weren't budging on much information so I hazarded some high-level guesses and some weak pseudocode. Only then did they start to describe it more in the context of a real world map app that I'm in control of. Then I started talking about limiting the size of the list based upon where the map is zoomed in on, plus parallelizing chunks of the list in lambdas. I didn't know how to compare latitudes/longitudes for closeness and it felt like they expected me to? I would've preferred to have been given or assumed to be given a method that could compare them, or at least been given the ability to use my laptop to look that up. They even threw in curve balls! For example: what if there were regions on the map? This makes it more complicated because it's not a simple calculation of the variance from another location - you have to take into account whether or not the location is in the matching zone too. This was also the first interview of the 5 hours -_-

How do you code a checker board?

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Q. How to ensure that a string contains equal opening and closing brackets {([])}

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Given a struct of an x,y coordinate called point and a an array of point pointers write a routine that will return the indices of the two closest points in C

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Given classes A,B,C. B is a subclass of A and C is a subclass of B. Why would you not call any virtual methods in any of their constructors?

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UI model massaging. Given an input how would you convert to some desired output and why would you model it that way

What is the difference between skeumorphic and flat design?

Whiteboard coding question: return first character that has been listed once in input string.