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What is your management style?

37 Answers

This is a great question. Would have been better if you have posted your response. After all, isn't the purpose of Glassdoor to provide the questions and responses -- for others to either learn or to avoid?

Showing the response would be very helpful, especially if the responder got a job there

My management style varies depending on the employee. I've found that people are different so a one-size fits all style doesn't work. Some people respond to aggressive goals; others don't thrive on pressure. Some people prefer frequent check-ins; others prefer clear direction up front and then giving them space to get their work done. Some general rules: * Focus on hiring smart people with great problem solving skills and good communication. * Take the time to explain the business value of the work they are assigned ensures motivation. * And most importantly, having compassion for each person - show the person you value them, show the person you care when things are hard, and invest your time in the person.

Describe the development process you prefer, particularly for a startup company.

6 Answers

What firewall do you like?

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Can you relocate to the Bay Area in order to work in the home office.

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What can you do to help the company grow and expand it's licensed sports and entertainment licensing portfolio.

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How do you deal with problem employees?

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What are your negative work qualities?

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How do you like the CEO's hair?

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