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Analog Design Engineer Interview Questions in San Jose, CA


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Why do we need the "DOWN" pulse in Hogge detector? Can we get by not using it?

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My answer was we don't need to use it. But we have to change our filter structure. Using UP and DOWN fit well to charge pump and passive RC filter topology. Since DOWN is always 50% duty cycle when there is data transition, it acts as a reference. However, if we took the UP pulse alone, feed it to an active filter with one pole ar zero and one zero at a non- zero frequency we preserve the loop dynamics.

What do you think would be the hardest part of this job?

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Lots of digital questions, like NAND, NOR gate logic, optimization and inverter matching.

Single-stage noise/mismatch/offset, two stage compensation, Type-II PLL transfer functions.

Using feedback theory concepts, explain how source degeneration decreases non-linearity in common source amplifiers? Compare the amplifier's harmonic distortion with and without degeneration.

They care more about ADC knowledge. Although the job title is RF design, the manager asked many ADC and mixed signal questions.

Lab probing MOS amplifier configuration Some layout related questions

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The questions that they asked were standard and detailed towards designing Analog blocks.

Lots of questions on device physics of MOSFET, BJTs, diodes. A lot of questions dealt with treating the opamp as ideal and putting it in feedback. Large signal behavior of current mirrors, common gate, common drain, effect of temperature on gain etc. of a circuit.