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Analyst Interview Questions in San Jose, CA

"Analysts work in a variety of fields to break down complex problems and find solutions. When interviewing candidates, employers are looking for applicants who have strong analytical and problem-solving skills as well as an in-depth knowledge of the field. For more information on the specific questions you'll be asked, try researching a particular role such as business analyst, financial analyst, programming analyst, or data analyst."

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If you have 10 bags of marbles with 10 marbles each and one bag has marbles that weigh differently than the others, how would you figure it out from one weighing

7 Answers

hmm, drop all the bags a the same height spread out and see which bag make the biggest mark on the ground.

Add bags one at a time to scale. Should be the same increment of weight added until you add the bag that adds a weight value different from all the others.

hint: use the number of stones to code for each bag.

25 horses, 5 race tracks. How many races you have to run to select top 5 horses.

58 Answers

how many basketball can you fit in this room

25 Answers

What is the probability of breaking a stick into 3 pieces and forming a triangle?

8 Answers

write a function that finds the remainder between two numbers using only addition, sutraction and multiplication.

5 Answers

Pretend 1% of the population has a disease. You have a test that determines if you have that disease, but it's only 80% accurate and 20% of the time you get a false positive, how likely is it you have the disease.

12 Answers

How would you design a shopping center?

4 Answers

If you have a 3 gallon jug and 5 gallon jug, how do you measure 4 gallons?

5 Answers

What would do with a Facebook user who was having trouble with their account?

3 Answers

If we have 22,000 employees, we plan to grow by 35%, and are going to lose about 10% due to termination during the year, how many employees do we have to hire this year?

5 Answers
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