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Data scientist Interview Questions in San Jose, CA

"Every business collects data, and it's the job of the data scientist to analyze, interpret, and communicate that information in a way that will help drive company decisions. In an interview, expect to answer technical questions about your ability to perform quantitative tests as well as create clear visualizations of large, complex data sets. Come ready to discuss past projects you've worked on and how you communicate data findings clearly and concisely in order to help solve business-related problems."

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Find the second largest element in a Binary Search Tree

16 Answers

find the right most element. If this is a right node with no children, return its parent. if this is not, return the largest element of its left child.

One addition is the situation where the tree has no right branch (root is largest). In this special case, it does not have a parent. So it's better to keep track of parent and current pointers, if different, the original method by the candidate works well, if the same (which means the root situation), find the largest of its left branch.

if (root == null || (!root.hasRightChild() ) { return null;} else return findSecondGreatest(root, root.getValue()); value findSecondGreatest(Node curr, value oldValue) { if(curr.hasRightChild()) { return (findSecondGreatest( curr.getRightChild(), curr.value)); } else return oldValue; }

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How do you take millions of users with 100's of transactions each, amongst 10k's of products and group the users together in a meaningful segments?

3 Answers

How would you build and test a metric to compare two user's ranked lists of movie/tv show preferences?

4 Answers

There are two mobile restroom stalls at a construction site where I work. There are also three situations that have an equal chance of occurrence: a. none of them is occupied b. only one of them is occupied c. both are occupied 1. If I were to pick one at random, what is the probability that it is occupied? 2. If it turns out that that first one I go to is occupied and I decide to try the other one, what is the probability that the second one is also occupied?

12 Answers

Flip one coin 10 times and obtain one H, what is the p value and null hypothesis?

5 Answers

You have a google app and you make a change. How do you test if a metric has increased or not?

5 Answers

Given two lists of sorted integers, develop an algorithm to sort these numbers into a single list efficiently.

4 Answers

Q: Describe linear regression and where have you used it in your work or projects? what is R squared value?

5 Answers

generating a sorted vector from two sorted vectors.

3 Answers

1-Programming: Given data on Facebook members friending/defriending each other on Facebook, find out whether a given pair of members are currently friends. 2- Statistics: Very basic questions on treatment effects under various sampling schemes. 3-Research Design Question: How would you test whether having more friends now increases the probability that a Facebook member is still an active user after 6 months?

2 Answers
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