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How would you design a recommendation system (like amazon)?

2 Answers

Use collaborate filtering to compare personal preference with others. If A and B are similar, we can recommend preferred items in B to A.

Why downvote on other answer? He/she is right. Collaborative filtering is the most common strategy for recommendation systems. You see user A buys these things and user B also bought those things but user B bought this other thing too so let's show that thing to User A.

Given two integer arrays. Find the Largest Common sub array. For example, arr1 = {1,2,3,2,3,2} arr2={2,2,3,3,4,5}, the largest common sub array is {2,2,3,3}

8 Answers

Questions related to data structures like "What data structure would you use for a browser's BACK & FORWARD ability"

6 Answers

Given a matrix print it clockwise from the first element to the very inner element.

6 Answers

n= 20 for (i=0;i<n; i--) print i the question was to change or replace a only one character in for loop to print 20 times.

5 Answers

Create a 8 input AND gate using 3 4:1 muxes

7 Answers

Talk about how to verify if an RF amplifier is operating in its linear mode?

4 Answers

Write a probability formula to tell how many bits will be changed when 1 is added to a 32 bit binary number.

11 Answers

Consider the following function: int f (int num) { int out = 0; for (; num > 0; num /= 10) { int d = num % 10; out *= 10; out += d; } return out; } 1) What does it do? 2) Write the same algorithm using recursion

5 Answers

Write a code to find out if two string words are anagrams

4 Answers
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