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Paper Company A sells 8x8 White Standard Copy for $9, Paper Company B sells the same product for $5. Why in the world would someone pay Paper company A $9 for a product they could get for $5?

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Be creative ;) have fun and think about the customer.

If somebody purchased an identical product for $9 instead of $5 it could be location and possibly the customer appreciates buying locally and supporting a local company than purchasing paper at a cheaper rate online where they can't build a relationship with the company.

This is a classic question to ask a Sales candidate, as it weeds out those candidates who can sell "value", from those who rely upon selling "price." An effective Sales professional, will sell the value of a product or service, and successfully close a sale, when value is aligned with a customer's pain-point[s], and provides a solution to a customer's need. One must look beyond the proverbial price-tag, and identify the value-adds of a said product or service offering, and how it provides an effective solution to customer need. In this case of seemingly identical paper products, value-adds to consider could be, reduced order fulfillment timeframe, product availability, exemplary customer support, a more flexible/convenient order/payment process, etc.

Did I graduate from college?

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Could I adopt (my word) new vocabulary quickly? Beyond that question, she asked only about my background in work and sales. She does not know or understand sales or selling. The interview rejected my written recommendations from big corporate employers, and sales' statistics.

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The HR failed to ask me key questions.

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Would you rather have 2 clients that spend $5,000 one time per year, or 2 clients who spend $500 each month and why?

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What Social Media tools you use for prospecting

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if your former employees would describe you in one word ht would it be?

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What is your experience in HVAC. What kinds of equipment have you sold in the past. Do you like the HVAC industry?

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Pitch me on your current product.

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I was bombarded with a lot of question and the clear strategy of the interviewers were to convenince me that the job was a lot better than it actually was and that I barely met the qualifications for it. They were forcefully down playing my education and experience. By the way I have an MBA and 10 years of sales experience which included 5 years of direct experience in the business area of the company (Healthcare).

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