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Java Developer Interview Questions in San Jose, CA

"Junior developers are often responsible for writing the more monotonous and simple code required by senior members of the development team. Because of this, interviews will be designed to test your knowledge of the fundamentals of Java so be prepared to answer technical questions that you likely came across in college. Data structures and algorithms will be heavily emphasised. A bachelor's degree or equivalent work experience is required. "

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A rustic village contains one million married couples and no children. Each couple has exactly one child per year. Each couple wants a girl, but also wants to minimize the number of children they have, so they will continue to have children until they have their first girl. Assume that children are equally likely to be born male or female. Let p(t) be the percentage of children that are female at the end of year t. What is p(t)? "Can't tell" is a potential answer if you don't have sufficient information.

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can't tell

The answer is 2^-t


After a night of wild revelry, a group of local intoxicated hoodlums stumble into a children's playground. One of these hoodlums, Phil, climbs to the middle of a spin-around carousel and his friends push the carousel so it rotates once every five seconds. Phil, who is trying not to get sick, holds a flashlight motionless in his hand. There is a straight path running by the playground that, at its closest point, is 30 meters from the middle of the carousel. Unknown to Phil, there are two cops facing him on the path, shocked at the spectacle. One of them is standing on the path at the point closest to the carousel, while the other is standing 60 meters down the path. At approximately what speed (in meters per second) does the spot illuminated by the flashlight traverse each of the cops' bodies? State speed at the closest cop first.

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Two developers, Ann and Suzy, are waiting for code to compile. Suzy learns that Ann's sister has three children, and asks how old they are. Ann responds, "The product of their ages is 36." Suzy says, "Oh c'mon--I can't figure it out with that!" Ann replies, "Ok, then the sum of their ages is the same as this number right here," and points to a number on the screen. Suzy says, "Nope, still can't do it," and Ann replies, "The oldest is dyslexic." How old are the children? (Order from oldest to youngest)

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How to find the median number out of 4 byte integers?

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Three smart biker dudes go into a dark closet, where there are five leather jackets that are identical except that three have a Harley-Davidson logo on the back while two have a Mini Cooper logo on the back. Each of the bikers selects a jacket and puts it on without being able to see which one it is. Each of them knows that (1) the closet has three Harley-Davidson jackets and two Mini Cooper jackets, and (2) the other two bikers have the same information. The bikers emerge from the closet wearing the jackets, and while each biker can see which jackets the other two are wearing, he cannot see what he is wearing. The first biker looks at the other two, thinks, and says, "Dude, I have no idea what I'm wearing." The second biker looks at the other two, thinks, and says, "Dude, me neither." The third biker, who is still wearing a headcast from his last accident and can't see a thing, nonetheless says, "Dude--I know what I'm wearing!" Which jacket is he wearing?

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An aging novelist, seeking to combat writer's block, brings his typewriter aboard a canoe that is floating in the middle of his swimming pool. Fortunately the novelist strikes on a great idea, but unfortunately in his excitement he knocks the typewriter off the canoe and it sinks to the bottom of the pool. What happens to the water level on the side of the pool?

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What is CAL ( ebay tool ), and usage?

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How to write an iterator for an iterator of iterators?

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Pretensão salarial

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