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Marketing Engineer Interview Questions in San Jose, CA


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Position is open, you are our #1 choice, do you want the position?

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Explain your work done with a particular set of tools in your current position.

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What did I think about returning to a technical position. I had thought they would keep me in sales but they based the decision on years of experience

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Fibonacci Sequence/Golden Equation question

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Are to willing to be literally "Married to the job"?

They LOVE LOVE LOVE asking the difference between 802.11n and ac (wave 1, 2) in detail. Almost everyone I spoke with asked me this. It's like they're obsessed with this.

How can you list the open files for a process?

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How would you troubleshoot a linux process that is running slowly?

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What type of demo applications would you build to illustrate the value of MapR's data platform to CTOs?

Range of very technical questions to problems that I had to deal with and my approach. I was asked to go into many situations that they run into and how I would deal with them.