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Paper Company A sells 8x8 White Standard Copy for $9, Paper Company B sells the same product for $5. Why in the world would someone pay Paper company A $9 for a product they could get for $5?

3 Answers

Be creative ;) have fun and think about the customer.

If somebody purchased an identical product for $9 instead of $5 it could be location and possibly the customer appreciates buying locally and supporting a local company than purchasing paper at a cheaper rate online where they can't build a relationship with the company.

This is a classic question to ask a Sales candidate, as it weeds out those candidates who can sell "value", from those who rely upon selling "price." An effective Sales professional, will sell the value of a product or service, and successfully close a sale, when value is aligned with a customer's pain-point[s], and provides a solution to a customer's need. One must look beyond the proverbial price-tag, and identify the value-adds of a said product or service offering, and how it provides an effective solution to customer need. In this case of seemingly identical paper products, value-adds to consider could be, reduced order fulfillment timeframe, product availability, exemplary customer support, a more flexible/convenient order/payment process, etc.

What are your goals, where do you see yourself in 3-5 years?

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What's your prior sales experience? Walk me through your resume. Why Cloudera? What do you know about Cloudera? What do you know about Hadoop?

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The Cold Call Test

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whose face would you like to put on Mt. Rushmore, What sports do you follow?

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Can you sell more smaller deals in shorter time frame

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What will be the hardest part about transition from retail to professional sales?

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Why Malwarebytes? And what sets you apart from the rest?

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I was bombarded with a lot of question and the clear strategy of the interviewers were to convenince me that the job was a lot better than it actually was and that I barely met the qualifications for it. They were forcefully down playing my education and experience. By the way I have an MBA and 10 years of sales experience which included 5 years of direct experience in the business area of the company (Healthcare).

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Learning about the product prior to the interview

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