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Senior Applications Engineer Interview Questions in San Jose, CA


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The most unexpected was just being interviewed by the CTO of the group. He Just asked questions to show problem solving skills, related to digital design. If I was not familiar with the area he was asking about (software for example) he would try to find a different problem .

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I though I muddled through parts of this, but I guess he thought my logic was good enough to show progress.

Implement a function that accepts continuous stream of speed and a flag(true/false) and print speed when user clicks on a button. Additional conditions: a) user can continuously press button so we may get false positive. b) There may be some interference in this stream so consider that as well.

1. Technologies you currently use. 2.DB design experience. 3.Scripting exposure.

questions on my knowledge in cadence virtuoso software, my projects and experiences. Basic transistor design questions, Verilog programming.

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OWASP top 10 knowledge. Cloud security domain knowledge.

Will you be able to improve/modify our code confidently (that code I have never seen in my life)?

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