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Senior Data Analyst Interview Questions in San Jose, CA


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What is your experience as DA

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I have fiv year's working experience, so I told them what did I do

How do you validate your data

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What do you expect to gain from your experience here at eBay?

what kind of help do you expect from us when we hire you? what else? your job experience during e last 4 years.

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How do you handle the effect of multiple variables while A/B testing

For these exercises, please use the tables you provided on the Google Form: people (user_id, people_name, user_type, username) group (group_id, group_name) people_group (user_id, group_id) 1.1 Please write a SQL query to get the usernames of all teachers. 1.2 Please write a SQL query to get the username of each teacher who belongs to any group. 1.3 Please write a SQL query to get the number of teachers who don’t belong to any group. 2.1 How about getting every user's percent difference of activity on the report date versus a week before the report date, for every date? Assume we have a daily user_summary table with every user's activity_level (integer) on every day. Don't worry about the exact date syntax. 3.1 If you want to measure whether new user registration rate (# of new users registered/all invitations sent out) for one design is higher than the other, What statistical test you will use?

What are the methodologies and measurements you use to manage short, medium, and long term goals?

Some SQL left join and basic tableau questions

There were technical/analytical questions with the hiring manager, but no living coding. I was provided a case study before the onsite interview and was asked to present through PPT during the onsite interview for 1 hour (including time for questions). The technical/analytical section includes SQL questions and a lot of statistical/modeling questions. R and Python questions were asked based on candidates' background. Behavioral questions were then covered in the next 2 sections.