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Determine if two strings are anagrams.

2 Answers

public static boolean isAnagram(String s1, String s2) { boolean result = false; //Basic check for the length if(s1.length()!=s2.length()) return result; char c1[]= s1.toLowerCase().toCharArray(); char c2[]= s2.toLowerCase().toCharArray(); HashMap h = new HashMap(); //Put chars from c1 in hashmap one by one. First with value as 1; then if the same letter is present as key then increment the value for (int counter = 0; counter

if sort(s1) == sort(s2) then its an anagram

What do you know about the latest developments in security such as the identification of Heartbleed vulnerability and the bug in OSX Bash implementation. Explain who gets most affected and where it occurs. How would you use Heartbleed to compromise a server

1 Answer

Design a data structure to look up strings by prefixes.

1 Answer

Encode String with Shortest Length Leetcode No. 471

Manager 2: You have applied for Manager SDE 2, however due to recent re-org the position has been filled. Would you like to accept offer as IC at the same level that you are now?

1 Answer

Manager 1 : You are at specific level in your organisation. And you are trying for role change in same level. So you can't expect any promotion though you are due for at current level. The criteria for promotion varies for Manager Vs IC. So hope you don't expect Promotion??!!

1 Answer

Team Member 1: There are 12 entry and 1 exits in highway. Design a toll billing system to charge vehicles based on usage pattern. Identify the requirements for this project

1 Answer

Any corner cases should be thought as much as possible. When having a question or misunderstanding point in design, don't hesitate to ask your teammate or proctors.