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A programming involving hashset, 2 questions where I had to list out test scenarios, one more question involving how to improve API's that are over and under used.

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Could you provide the questions exactly

Sorry they had me sign an NDA. Coding question was slightly on the harder side, but the interviewer guided me when I was stuck. Other testing questions were normal listing out scenario questions, preparing how to analyze and come up with test cases for any given problem should make this an easy round.

what was the coding problem like? any hints, here u r anonymous

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Create a data structure that minimizes time complexity of retrieving median and inserting new element. Getting median should be O(1) and insertion should be O(log(n)).

5 Answers

None.. All questions were simple. Reverse a linked list, find a duplicate node in the linked list, etc

4 Answers

First question: for a random-ordered bucket of numbers 1 through 3000 with one number missing, how would you detect which number is missing?

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Check if a string is a pallindrome Find the longest distance between any two nodes in a binary tree.

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What happens when you type in your browser?

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Find the optimal map route between two points on a grid (maze) with some areas blocked out.

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Find if given number matched sum of two elements in sorted array.

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62-63=1; Changing only one element (either digit or operand), make this statement true.

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Browsers running javascript is single threaded, how can we make AJAX calls in the backgroung?

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