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Software Engineer III Interview Questions in San Jose, CA


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write a wrapper fun for 32-byte aligned mem allocation

2 Answers

((sizeof(struct S) + 31)/31)*32

((sizeof(struct S) + 31)/32)*32

Search on sorted matrix

1 Answer

In depth question on interrupt handling by linux kernel

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What are my interests in the company

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One of the question I remembered was Leetcode Meeting Room II question

1. C++ exception handling , copy constructors and many questions on C++ templates. Most of the interviewers were obsessed with templates and they want to dig into it. 2. Templatized linked list. 3. One of those senior guys came and started with a "warm up" question on network latency and from there on a barrage of questions... 4. Hiring manager asked questions on iterators and a white board coding on converting a byte stream into hex string.

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An analytical problem solving exercise.

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Find the largest contiguous group of trues in a boolean 2D array.