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Print a singly-linked list backwards, in constant space and linear time.

10 Answers

Convert a binary search tree to a sorted, circular, doubly-linked list, in place (using the tree nodes as the new list nodes).

8 Answers

The question was the following. I'm rephrasing the question to make it clear for everyone to understand: - You are going on a one-way flight trip that includes billions of layovers. - You have 1 ticket for each part of your trip (i.e: if your trip is from city A to city C with a layover in city B, then you will have 1 flight ticket from city A to city B, and 1 flight ticket from city B to city C. - Each layover is unique. You are not stopping twice in the same city. - You forgot the original departure city. - You forgot the final destination city. - All the tickets you have are randomly sorted. Question are: - Design an algorithm to reconstruct your trip with minimum complexity. - How would you improve your algorithm. Example: - randomly sorted: New York->London San Francisco-> Hong Kong Paris->New York London->San Francisco - sorted: Paris->New York New York->London London->San Francisco San Francisco-> Hong Kong

9 Answers

print out all prime numbers in a given string. abc2134kd31 -> 2, 13, 3, 3

10 Answers

Given two integer arrays. Find the Largest Common sub array. For example, arr1 = {1,2,3,2,3,2} arr2={2,2,3,3,4,5}, the largest common sub array is {2,2,3,3}

8 Answers

Describe a routine which returns the set of integers in {1..100} divisible without remainder by 3 but not by 9.

12 Answers

Was asked how I would implement division without using division or mod operators. The answer should return in the form quotient r remainder.

8 Answers

Find the balance point in an array. (The index where the sum of the elements to the left it is the same as the sum of the elements to the right of it.)

7 Answers

You are a parking lot attendant in a lot that has one open spot, and you want to move the cars from their original positions into a new arrangement. Create a program that will print out instructions on how to move the cars most efficiently.

7 Answers

There are n pots with different # gold coins in them. Two players play a game, where each player can select a pot at either ends. maximize the gold

7 Answers