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When can you start?

1 Answer

Immediately after agreement of terms.

1. Whats the difference between implicit and explicit enhancement?

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What does ABAP stand for?

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What id your experience on abap objects ?

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what is your experience if the select stmt is very bad.

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How much bill rate expected? What all technology you know? What all different clients who have worked befoere?

Detailed step by step process of creation of an Infotype. The question was not difficult or unexpected, but detailed explanation was kind of grilling since you were expected to follow the sequence and elaborate on every step the screens and GUI Elements and the process.

Explain one highlight of your ABAP career - any project/development you want to talk about. What will you take into consideration before creating custom database tables? why use header and item table, why not one table? what is normalization? what are the different types of lock objects? why we need sap locks? what happens when another program tries to update while there is a sap lock? types of database tables? what is the use of cluster and pool tables? types of internal tables? hashed table what is it? scenario where a table is read using one field as key and the same table is read using another field as key - what is the best approach performance wise? buffering - types of buffers - where does buffer sit? implicit commit - where they happen? what is call by value, call be reference methods? what are the different types of function modules? rfc function module - how is it called? rfc uses call by value or reference? what are update function modules and its use? what is v1, v2, v3 update? what is LUW? how to ensure you are on same luw? in a userexit - you have update statement - when will database get updated? select single vs up to 1 rows - which will you use in what scenario? what is binary search? if there is no middle value found, which section will it search? code review - what are the things you look for during a code review?

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