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SAP Basis Administrator Interview Questions


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Monitoring IDOC

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Automatic Transports

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System Login Issues, Performance issue and general administration scenarios

Describe the methodology used to migrate a very large Customer described in my resume. How were the DB's and SAP instances built and migrated to the new data center. How was data synchronization maintained and cutover in the Oracle/Linux based environment?

Company is very HR aware of appropriate questions so in formal interviews there was nothing a typically well prepared candidate should find overly challenging. At lunch one of the prospective subordinates expressed a strong opinion about a shared hobby that I did not at all agree with.

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What kind of SAP Process can go to DB in order to do transactions?

How do you work with consultants in other parts of the world.

What is scope and how you have dealt with it and in your previous projects?

It was th4e lack of technical questions that was disturbing. They had already hired two others, who did not work out...they quit! SAP was new to the company, so no one knew what to ask. I was taken to each VP of the company, which they have around 8, just at the Chandler, AZ location, and was asked questions that were more about wondering if I would stick around, not about my abilities.

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