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1. Explaining the job requirement and asking how comfortable you're 2. Some technical SAP questions 3. Questions about on call support, working style

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I felt that I fairly was on point and did the best of my ability. They seemed happy about the answers. I had a real interest with the company and in the job itself. So I was very conducive to their various requirements by word and spirit. They were not really work-life balanced, but they were not as bad as my other prior experiences.

The technical manager asked about business case for their company where currently they are having multiple purchase organizations in the company across globe and wanted a solution for make them signle purchase organization.

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Am I familiar with Winshuttle? What steps do I use for Extracting data? What is my ETL strategy and experience

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Why Tremco? What's your long-term goal? Any GA/TA position at current university?

Developer Questions: How do you test? Whats the difference between unit, integration and regression testing? What are the components to a functional spec? Procure 2 Pay Questions: Where in SAP do you configure 2/3 way match for invoices? What types of transactions trigger a goods receipt? Explain GR/IR? What's your experience with electronic payments and can you go thru the config? Controlling questions: Something about Sales Order costing that didn't make any sense. Explain the accounting of inventory? Sales and Billing: Something about a billing block and its determinations/config. Something about labor confirmations to a sales order that didn't make sense. Business questions: How do you prioritize issues? Why did you study accounting later in your career? Why are you looking for new opportunities? Are you interested in managing as a career path later on? How many help-desk tickets do you currently get a week? What kind of projects have you worked on? What were some project successes and failures? What are your best strengths?

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Explain a situation where you handled difficult user

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