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Interview was really easy when I had it... nothing unexpected or unknown.

2 Answers

is it good to join Sparta US?

If you have another option... better consider that other option with care.

Suppose that you have a fair coin. You start with $0. You win 1$ each time you get a head and loose $1 each time you get tails. Calculate the probability of getting $2 without getting below $0 at any time.

5 Answers

Monitoring IDOC

1 Answer

Automatic Transports

1 Answer

Most difficult question for me was to provide an example where i must have demonstrated some outstanding activities.

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How many client are in BI?

1 Answer

The technical manager asked about business case for their company where currently they are having multiple purchase organizations in the company across globe and wanted a solution for make them signle purchase organization.

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how do u ensure that abap and java transports are in sequence?

1 Answer

tell me about a difficult challenge you encountered and how you addressed it

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What was the biggest accomplishment / failure in your last position

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