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I'm going to give you two phrases, neither of which is a wrong answer, and just tell me which you would say describes you better: I love to win, or I hate to lose?

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I love to win because hating to lose hints towards pessimism and could possibly lead to focusing on your losses, not shaking them off and moving on.

I HATE to lose. Love to win or "never say die"? Once you win, you forget pretty quickly. Losing lasts longer. There are no good learning experiences that did not come from adversity. As long as you look at the big picture: losing the battle is not losing the war. Those that hate to lose are more hungry than individuals who love to win.

I hate to lose. Winning is the expectation and for successful people the norm. Granted winning provides satisfaction, but if it's something you do consistently the lows of losing would heavily outweigh the highs of winning.

Sell me this pen.

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If you can go to dinner with 3 people who would it be?

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They asked me to sell them payroll.

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What are the most important steps in a sales process

What motivates you?

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Q: What was one thing that they asked you? They did a mock role play where I was given a scenario and had to sell a payroll deal on the spot

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If you had to choose between being the best sales rep but your team failed, or being an ok rep and your team made quota, which would you choose?

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