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All questions were pretty basic. They gave scenarios that were a little trick to answer because I didn't know their policies. "Pretend you are serving the kids snack (family style) and one kid begins to complain and make a scene saying that somebody got an unfair amount. How would you react to or diffuse the situation?"

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First, I would ask why they think the other student got more. Then, I would thank the student for letting me know, and reassure them that we as staff try to give everyone the same amount. If we are allowed to give out more snacks, I would tell them that more is available if they are still hungry after finishing what they have. If not, I would apologize and tell the we will pay more attention to how much we give out in the future.

First I would ask why they think another student got more than say after everyone has gotten some they can have more if there is any available.

What is a weakness you have?

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How would you promote positive behavior?

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Role playing questions, such as if a child has been late to school more than the acceptable amount and the father argues that the child was not late and that the policy is ridiculous, how do you handle the conversation?

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Come up with a lesson plan and teach it to us.

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How has your previous experience shaped you for this position?

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