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How many cocktail umbrellas are there in a given time in the United States?

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You had to take into account residents of drinking age, elders who don't drink cocktails, a good estimate of the number of people in the US, the season, how likely people are to drink cocktail drinks in a continent, etc.

Behavior/fit questions were generic. Talk about your relevant experiences, Why SKP, Why consulting, What do you do for fun during your spare time. Do you have any questions for me? Case study was about the TIMES newspaper deciding whether or not to convert from print to tablet app. The case study had a 5 part question/calculations for it. 1) Had to calculate the revenue for both. 2) Calculate gross revenue plus advertisement 3) Pricing strategy for the tablet app 4) Name strategies to increase revenue for the tablet 5) Summarize everything for the CEO of the newspaper - Had to ask about competitors (size and costs) - # of Subscribers and price The case study was extremely number-y. Must know how to do simple math fast.

Written math test

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