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Asked me to go into detail about a paper I had published several years ago.

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I did my best to answer it, but honestly it had been a while since I worked on those projects. Still I should have been more prepared.

How long did they respond to set up the in house interview after you did the phone screen.

Very quickly. There was a holiday in-between so the in-house wasn't that soon after, but we scheduled the date for the in house within a few days. I'm an exception because after several poor candidates they found me and had to get a commitment by a certain date. Usually its going to take a while

Tell me about yourself Tell me about a situation where you had to deal with a difficult person Skills you have to be good at this or how have you demonstrated this in the past Why would this job be good for your future career Tell me about your phd project

Several questions asking about my specific experience from my resume, sometimes repetitive - Why Vertex? - What is something you didn’t enjoy from your previous work experiences? - A time where you identified a problem & then went ahead to solve it? - How did you work with others, who have several other projects, to help them prioritize to complete your goals on time? - Explain a technical concept. - Name a time you had conflicting opinions and how you convinced others in moving forward? - Greatest technical accomplishment, and why? - What challenges do you see for taking this job? - Thoughts on GMP environment?

Why do you want to be in industry instead of pursuing a PhD

What's a postdoctoral fellow? Do you know how to use powerpoint?

Tell me about a difficulty you have had related to your work, and how you handled the situation.

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