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What does integrity mean to you? How do you lead from the bench? What is your experience related to this position?

What does integrity means to you? How do you lead from the bench? What was your previous experience that related to this position?

HR: Short term and long term future plans Manager: Principles of different test procedures Director: Inquires about flexible working hours

What are your accomplishments, what work did you do, day to day activities, relationship with mentor? How did you manage to solve a research problem (troubleshooting)? If there was a conflict with someone you worked with, how did you resolve it?

What variables would you optimize in a large-scale bioprocess?

how would you approach a problem, offer a solution pertaining to the question posed.

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What qualities do you have that make you an effective researcher?

What other literature was I interested in

Nothing technical or regarding my lab skills more about my personality and goals. They were really assessing "fit" for the lab.

Are you comfortable with repetitive work?

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