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Give me an example of a situation where you took leadership and solved a problem.

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Be sure you think about answers for questions like this ahead of time, but don't come across as too practiced.

Just the behavioral/situational questions that did not exist in the interview

Any details in the presentation can be asked and even if it is nothing related to what you do. Probably just a technical term and you need to know deeply.

they generally asked based on the job description, something such as "do you have more than 4 years experience in research and development?

What is one thing in your life that you would have done differently?

I wasn't expecting a cell culture question like what do cells look like when I culture them, mostly because I had no experience with that.

They are all unexpected because they are freakin' random... There's no difficulty other than acting like Theranos is the answer to your prayers and that you will work hard to make it a sucess...yada, yada, yada...

How do you feel about doing the same thing over and over every day? How do you feel about doing something different every day?

What parameters impact the reflectance and bandwidth of a DBR

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