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Are you willing to learn PeopleSoft? Do you believe that you can learn software in 6 months?

1 Answer

Confident of ability to learn within 6 months

tell me about a difficult challenge you encountered and how you addressed it

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Preparing for the 20-minute PowerPoint presentation took quite a bit of thought, preparation and time. The interview team was engaged and appeared interested in what was being discussed. The four one-on-one interviews all involved a series of open ended questions related to the position I was interviewing for. The hiring manager then took all of the feedback from the team and made a hiring decision. The development process to prepare for this long interview was considered the most difficult part of the interview. The team was professional and engaged.

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Describe a situation when you had to go behind your manager's back to do your job.

1 Answer

Mostly technical. They did not try to trip me up. They genuinely wanted to assess my skills and find a good candidate.

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Where do you list depemdencies in a Java project?

1 Answer

Write a sorting algorithm. No specifics were given as to the data, data types, data size, time complexity, etc.

Why do you want to work for Valvoline

1. Describe the Multi-Org architecture in Oracle 2. Describe setups for warehouse defaulting in Oracle 3. Tell me about yourself 4. Tell me about a time you resolved a problem in project environment

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