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Script Interview Questions


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Script Interview Questions

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In my exit interview I was asked to give a statement on the company. I told them I had far too much respect for the customers to treat them they way this company was asking me to. 'For Profit' Healthcare only cares about their bottom line and not the health of their customers or their employees.

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The future of healthcare will be the equivalent of textile mills in the early 20th century. Your life needs yo be in YOUR hands and not in the hands of Big Pharma!

in my hands

Write a file watcher in BASH, which watches for a dump that comes from another server through NDM?

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The last manager asked me to tell him something none of the other interviewees had told him....something about myself that would make me a good Costco employee. Well, I'm not sure how he thought I'd know what the other people had told him! Ridiculous thing to say.

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Whiteboard some powershell scripting.

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Do you want to script pushing data around between different database systems?

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Command syntax of Unix commands, and exact system file locations

Find error in the script: Script contained regular expression parsing of html tags and based on that it provided some output. I was supposed to check the error with regular expression to check for particular html tags. By looking carefully at them, it wasn't very difficult to figure out the answer.

How long do you plan on staying here? (Coupled with my recent marriage and plans to pursue a degree). This seemed odd that they want to know when you will leave. This left a bad taste like a revolving door situation. I applied to stay for a long time, but they were stuck on me leaving soon.

Most people talk about enabling the Extended Log feature in the Run-time Settings Vuser GUI, For example: Parameter Substitution and/or Data Returned by the Server and/or Advanced Trace check boxes, as per the requirements. Please give 5 examples of the the code and options applied to the Vuser complete script.

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