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"When interviewing for a scrum master position, make sure to showcase the interpersonal and managerial skills needed to excel in the dynamic environment of product management. Be prepared to answer a variety of situational questions that will assess your ability to manage a team of engineers, prioritize projects, and direct the scrum process. There are several different types of scrum certifications so make sure to research which is necessary for the position you are applying to."

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What would you do if a developer wanted to do design and implementation in one sprint, and testing in another sprint

1 Answer

Don't allow this. Break down the User Story into smaller pieces that fit into one sprint again.

How would you explain story points to a team who's new to Agile/Scrum?

4 Answers

A problem solving riddle; it was a mix between a mathematical word problem and a riddle.

1 Answer

Started out with a Case Interviewer Cost Benefit scenario from a Tech Lead, that I was somewhat unprepared for. Basically it's a word math question that I haven't had to deal with for 30 years, especially while someone is standing over your shoulder, but oddly Capital One base their hireling on this. Then two interviewers asked good relevant experience questions followed by an interviewer that asked similar job fit questions. I thought I nailed all the experience questions. I asked them what are they really looking for in a SM that they're not getting right now. The interviewer replied experienced leadership. Something I have more than enough of.

2 Answers

Detailed questions about Agile Scrum.

1 Answer

What reporting tool do you use for your product backlog?

1 Answer

Why are interviewing here? Your company has better benefits.

1 Answer

How big was the group you were in?

1 Answer

Why use Scrum instead of waterfall?

1 Answer

None, it was a skills based interview

1 Answer
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