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Scrum master Interview Questions

"When interviewing for a scrum master position, make sure to showcase the interpersonal and managerial skills needed to excel in the dynamic environment of product management. Be prepared to answer a variety of situational questions that will assess your ability to manage a team of engineers, prioritize projects, and direct the scrum process. There are several different types of scrum certifications so make sure to research which is necessary for the position you are applying to."

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How would you explain story points to a team who's new to Agile/Scrum?

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I said I would talk to them about t-shirt sizing and try several ways to help them understand that story estimation has little to nothing to do with time, rather effort. I also explained that this was a challenging topic for a new team.

Story points should be explained to a team that's new to agile, that it's an agreed upon estimate. Explaining to teams that it's the amount of

Time vs effort.. teams get hung up on time based estimates. And not about the amount of effort it's going to take to accomplish a task/user story.

What would you do if a developer wanted to do design and implementation in one sprint, and testing in another sprint

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How did you handle a technical situation?

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Have you ever tracked velocity? How would you determine a teams Sprint velocity?

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As a woman do you forsee any childcare issues impacting delivery and how do you plan to deal with that?

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How would you conduct a Scrum team retrospective?

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Does a Scrum Master have to have experience with data warehousing in order to be a good Scrum Master for a data warehousing team?

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If you go to their website they have a interview section. All the questions they asked were from there. If you prepare it wasn't hard.

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What is the difference between a scrum master and a product owner

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"How would you handle stakeholders that want something that wasn't accounted for in iteration planning"

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