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If you had to pick 3 things you'd need to build out a digital marketing campaign for a community college, what would you want?

1 Answer

A budget, the ability to gather data (courses, programs, degrees, etc offered), and access to any applicable advertising platforms.

Find the Kth hisghest element in a given array.

5 Answers

randomize an array.

4 Answers

In a given list of words, find matching words in the list that can be generated from the patterns of a given word.

2 Answers

Describe the process you would use to interpret the intent of a location-based search query?

1 Answer

Obama made it so we cannot afford health insurance for employees, have you tried

1 Answer

Exam is given.

1 Answer

They ask that you are a college graduate and submit resume.

1 Answer

Why is polymorphism useful in OOP

1 Answer

Just the online test.

1 Answer
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