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Why did you have a gap in your employment record?

4 Answers

because you did not read the resume right. There were no gaps.

I had to focus on my school work.

At my swimming club job we were allowed to invite one friend per week. As the gatekeeper we need to know if any other employees are inviting a friend for that week and the name of that friend. On a slow day a group of people came in who were friends of a co-worker and didn’t want to pay. I told them that we were only allowed to invite one person per week. They said that if anyone asked them they had paid the admission prices. I told them this would led to further problems down the road but eventually they paid.

What is your favorite Disney Character

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There were several questions asked. The key thing to look up is the core values of Sephora, brush up on your makeup knowledge, but most importantly, brush up on your customer service answers to really wow the interviewer. -Why do you want to work for Sephora? -Do you know who our parent company is? -Do you have any previous retail experience of at least one year? -How do you deal with a client complaint? -Are you passionate about client service? How so?

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What is one main character trait required for good customer service?

3 Answers

What would you do if you seen someone stealing money?

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"See this jacket right here? Sell me it."

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Let's pretend you own your own store: If a client dropped a $100 bottle of perfume in the parking lot, returned to the store upset and late for a birthday that the perfume was a gift for, how would you handle it?

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What would you do if you saw your coworker steal something from the store?

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She actually asked me this particular question twice but phrased it differently the second time. First time: Let's say that one of your assignments with a client lasted much longer than you thought it would and you only have like two hours left and you still have to go meet with three more clients. You still have to finish the meeting with the current client, what do you do? Second time: Let me rephrase that earlier question, let's say that you underestimated the time it would take to do an assignment and there is two hours left and that you still have three more assignments that need to be completed on that day. You see me enter the room to check to see how everyone is doing. What do you do?

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Are you available to be on call 5 days a week for this job?

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