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What would you do if you seen someone stealing money?

4 Answers

I said I would first talk to the person tell them that they were wrong, and if that didnt have any effect, I would go straight to my supervisor. I also stated that has never happend to me at my other jobs.

This would be a grossly incorrect answer. You should always say 'immediatley notify security and management' for any questions relating to theft. You never want en employer to think you'll settle thier losses yourself.

"Well, I would hope that Loss Prevention--the guys whose job it is to deal with that sort of thing--would not be sleeping on the job and handle it.'

How do you feel about applying products to customer's hands or face?

2 Answers

Put these situation in order: Which has more prirority? -There is a guest in front of you that needs help reaching for an item. -The front register calls you for help on the walkie talkie. -There's a spill.

2 Answers

Explain a time when you had to convince someone to do something that they didn't want to do

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How would you describe the Ann Taylor brand?

2 Answers

I know this is your first job, but hypothetically, how would you respond to a customer when you don't know the answer to their questions?

1 Answer

What would you do if you saw a coworker stealing money from their register?

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Why Macy's?

1 Answer

how would you help a costumer pick out an outfit?

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what is good costumer service?

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