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Why do you want to work for lowe's

2 Answers

I hate these questions and I always mess them up.

I's just say "I have known people were work here, and they say it's a nice place to work with great opportunities."

Tell me about a time when....

1 Answer

Nothing, they asked questions from a script as most employers do now a days...

1 Answer

Why should I hire you?

1 Answer

So, why don't you work for _____ anymore? You put down new management, what happened?

1 Answer

There wasn't one, question's are pretty basic just do your research, read some articles, be prepared. Speak clearly and try not to come off as nervous!

1 Answer

Are you ok with training in a classroom setting?

1 Answer

I am a customer and I want to buy your purse, sell me your purse.

1 Answer

Why do you want to work for Target?

1 Answer

Do you have any experience with Clientelling? How would you clientell?

1 Answer
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