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Seasonal Cashier Interview Questions


Seasonal cashier interview questions shared by candidates

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What's one thing that you are the best at pertaining to work or a job?

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I wouldn't say I was the best at but I was definitely very good at getting people to sign up for my previous employer's credit card

What do you think is the most important element in a team ?

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Why Sephora?

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Why do you want to work here?

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Why do you want to work for Coach?

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If you owned a store and a customer bought a perfume and broke it in the parking lot and bought back the broken perfume, what would you do in this situation?

how would you act when the line is getting very long?

Mary found a lost item. Since it was getting late, she waited until the following day to file the report. Mary was fired for filing the report later. Should the manager have done this?

To not talk about the drug screen process

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