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"See this jacket right here? Sell me it."

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Just be honest and REAL. If a manager thinks you sound super fake when selling something, he/she's not going to hire you.

this jacket is one of our new and limited edition jackets. I've heard a lot of good things about it, it matches almost everything and I actually have one of my own. better get it while it lasts!

Regarding the face to face interviews, they were all quite predictable and the same regardless the interviewer...clearly stick to the script! Mainly "describe a time when you had a difficult customer; how did you handle the situation? What did you learn?" Mainly looking for how the interviewee handled the response so a numerical rating could be assigned. Interviewers compared results, made a selection/ offer. The answers are of course subjective and the hiring is from the community. Beyond the numerical ratings, unsure if any other factors were considered. Would of course always look in the mirror and evaluate physical presentation before coming to an interview.

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Pretty basic questions. Wanted to know what area we saw ourselves working

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Typical tell me about a time when questions....

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"Would it bother you if you were not able to actually watch the game?"

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I didn't really get any questions.

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Tell me what you do when a coworker is not performing as they should be.

Describe a time when you dislike or had a disagreement with a co-worker.

Name a time when you've had to work in a team.

Describe a situation you had at work and how you handled it.

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