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There were several questions asked. The key thing to look up is the core values of Sephora, brush up on your makeup knowledge, but most importantly, brush up on your customer service answers to really wow the interviewer. -Why do you want to work for Sephora? -Do you know who our parent company is? -Do you have any previous retail experience of at least one year? -How do you deal with a client complaint? -Are you passionate about client service? How so?

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- Enter personal reason - get creative! Everyone and their mother says "Because I love makeup" If you make it about your passion to learn and be "innovative" as well as provide excellent client service, you'll get an A+ -Louis Vuitton Monet Hennessy -They require at least one years experience at a single job. If you haven't stayed at a single job for more than a year, don't bother applying until you do. Trust me on this I did all of the pre-screening, they didn't even want to know anything else until this was verified. -By making sure that everything that will make the client happy is offered to them, be it samples, a return, excellent client service. Your ONLY priority is a happy client, make sure they understand this about you. -Passion, innovation, excellent client service are all words that you will want to use when answering this question. Make sure you explain that the client is your utmost priority and that your priority is to make them happy, to ensure they LOVE (use that word exactly) Sephora, and that they feel beautiful.

My passion is to become 1 of the top Mua/esthetician in the world... Working with sephora will give me the hands on experience and knowledge I will need in those areas... Not only will I be exposed to several different brands of Make/up, I'll be exposed to several brands of skin care as well... The more I'm able to learn the more knowledge I will retain in order to help clients... My top priority is making sure that the client is happy with my customer service... Without them I wouldn't be here neither would sephora exist.

^^^ it's not about what Sephora can do for you Hun, it's what YOU can do for sephora.

What is your favorite Disney Character

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What would you do if you saw your coworker steal something from the store?

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Put these situation in order: Which has more prirority? -There is a guest in front of you that needs help reaching for an item. -The front register calls you for help on the walkie talkie. -There's a spill.

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If you could steal anything in the store, what would it be?

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How do you feel about applying products to customer's hands or face?

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What is something you noticed about the way Macy cashiers sell products. (Or something like that)

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What items does Old Navy sell the most?

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What would you do if you found an employee doing something wrong

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What caught your attention upon entering the store?

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