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Account Manager Interview Questions in Seattle, WA

"When interviewing for an account owner position, be prepared to speak to your skills in communications, marketing, and client relations. Employers will be interested in your ability to create long lasting relationships with clients and generate sales for a portfolio of accounts. Your interviewer may test your abilities with a role play question, so be prepared to give a mock sales pitch to a difficult client."

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Last interviewer said I had been doing very, very well and asked me why Microsoft shouldn't hire me.

3 Answers

Turned the question back into a question for the interviewer, and gave no reasons not to hire me.

Its a good answer, however, it could go against you. I think the best way to answer is that you summarize your strengths in few words first and then ask them " With all due respect, can I ask you a question? And with their permission ask them very politely if there would be any reason why they should not hire you."

Hi! I was recently offered a job at Microsoft (late 2017) and having suffered from lack of proper up-to date interview prep materials, I created an "interview preparation guide" that has all the questions I’ve been asked and more. I think it will be very useful to people who are interviewing at Microsoft for various roles. You can buy the guide from here: The book has a lot of positive reviews/feedback already so please check out the feedback at the bottom of the page. (People are commenting that the guide made a big difference for them!). Cheers, Ryan

What does B2B stand for?

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Why F5 and why you?

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Tell me about a time you had to deal with a difficult vendor?

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Many of our sales reps do not make it here at Zogenix because they try to duplicate the sales process they have learned at big pharma, namely reach and frequency. They go out in the territory and try to hit as many targets as possible in hopes of reaching their sales goal. Our company does not work like that. What will you do here at Zogenix to not follow the traditional sales path and achieve success?

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"Give us an example of a previous client challenge and how you handled it"

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Give us three reasons you would be a better employee of ChemPoint than any other.

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What do you dislike most about being an account manager?

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Vp of Sales asked me to describe my best selling trait, and to describe a situation where I would use curiosity to sell.

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The only question asked was after the hour-long presentation, when he asked if I would like to schedule an interview. (That is what I was asked to come there for in the first place)

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