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Business Manager Interview Questions in Seattle, WA

"Businesses depend on their business managers to oversee the operations of a department to ensure that goals are being met and productivity is consistent. In an interview, expect to cover questions about large accounts you may have managed, your previous experiences in business, and how you handle conflict or stress. In addition, you may be asked to explain how you validate data integrity or to even provide a sales pitch for their company."

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Tell me about a time you used analysis to make a business-critical decision. Walk me through the analysis and outcome.

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I analyzed the output of all the machines on our factory sales floor and determined what the bottleneck machines were. I put in a request to purchase more of the bottleneck machines. The new machines alleviated the bottleneck in production, drastically speeding up the total output of the factory in the process.

In my third interview, I was asked how I would handle a loosely outlined "hypothetical" scenario in the prospective position (which had not previously existed at Amazon). I inferred that a similar scenario in the past had caused this particular interviewer some personal or professional frustration.

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So, you had a lot of success at Microsoft, well this is not Microsoft - so tell me why we should hire you as we think folks from Microsoft DO NOT actually know how to work. Prove to me that you are different?

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When are you next available for a screening?

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When are you available for a more formal screening?

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Here at Amazon we are frugal - how will you manage projects with no budget and no resources

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Did you take on something outside your area of responsibility and why was it important

An example when you used customer feedback to drive improvement

what is the most innovative thing you have done?

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