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Business Systems Analyst Interview Questions in Seattle, WA

"Business systems analysts work closely with a company's IT systems to optimize operations and maximize its business performance. Employers are looking for candidates with a combination of excellent IT and communication skills as well as an understanding of how the company conducts its business. In preparation for an interview, be ready to discuss your ability to manage multiple projects at once, offer advice around resource allocation, and influence clients to follow your recommendations."

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What would you do if you were told to just reproduce an existing report for requirements?

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ie as a system analyst you need to evaluate the report, determine if there is an existing report that would meet needs, determine what within existing report is used and how to determine what true requirements are

All were difficult as they were looking for more details.

No real specific questions come to mind as they focused more on making sure there was a cultural fit.

Once they found out that I liked golf in my free time, I was asked if "On a par five, would you rather be in a greenside bunker in three, or past the dogleg on your drive?" They followed that up with "Explain why you chose that answer."

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What is wrong with this query? select lastname from employee where left(lastname,1) ='A' How many levels from target did you go back in order to reach the source? You do not have Informatica experience. How do you plan to handle that?

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Another one of the 4 interviewers asked me if I had brought a copy of systems documentation that I had done in the past, presumably at a previous employer. Another ridiculous question. Copying your company's systems documentation is most likely a violation of their policy and probably even illegal. Also, I'm not a mind-reader. I would never have thought to bring a physical example of this work.

Tell me about a time when you... - failed - led a project with a tight deadline - improved the bottom-line

The very last question I was asked was whether I had ever managed or been in charge of an entire ERP system. At my last job we had 3 Sr. Directors managing what I would have been managing at Parallels, so not only was this person comparing apples to oranges, but, if he had read my resume he'd realize that the answer to his question was a big fat NO. Honestly, I don't go to interviews to be embarassed or abused by interviewers. Needless to say I didn't get asked back for round 2. Probably a blessing.