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Cloud Support Engineer Interview Questions in Seattle, WA


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VPN, virtualization Difference between ospf and BGP

Last project and how you handle the difficult situation in the project

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Explain the technical details of what the LDAP protocol is, how it operates from both a network perspective, and how it relates to managing Active Directory?

Tell me about a time you've experienced failure and how you learned from that

Customer can't ssh into their machine, what do you do?

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What each person said here is true. The previously mentioned questions, many of them, did come up. I prepared for this by making a 2-3 page list of all the GlassDoor questions that came up 2 or more times from other people's reviews. I then studied that set of questions and prepared for what I expected to be asked. Doing this proved invaluable to me. Study guys. Study.

Basic questions related to big data but in depth like working of components i.e.what is namenode and if the replication factor is 3 how will you figure out what is happening inside the hdfs when you are trying to write something in hdfs etc.