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What is a class?

4 Answers

Just because you have years of programming experience, doesn't mean you won’t be asked entry-level question. Prepare for this.

This is a reasonable question for a senior person - you should be able to explain basics to a client, manager or junior person. So a answer could be: A class is a group of objects with shared properties. Using classes reduces time needed for new coding and simplifies changes.

Take responsibility for your actions. For someone with that much experience, you can't answer this stupid question? I do interviews and hires and if you gave me that lame excuse, I would terminate the interview on the spot. Every resume I look at looks the same (same experience, job titles, job responsibility). You need to make the difference in the interview, this is what distinguish you from the other 100 candidates. Hate to say it but, with the economy the way it is, it is easier to be choosy on who I hire.

Describe the difference between a struct and class.

2 Answers

Case study made me think as i had to solve real client scenario.

1 Answer

List the last three things you have learned.

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What types of public health experience do you bring?

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What is running behind the scene over the network servers when you submit a request in a web page?

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Complex client management situation and how I resolved it.

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Sell me this pen. You have fifteen minutes. Go.

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Questions about my past sales job Why I was interested in inside sales at Zillow. What I would do if I am making calls and go for a signifcant discouraging stretch with no sales. A situation that put me down that I overcame in the past. What I think makes a successful sales representative. Near the end, I had to do a mock sales call, as if selling the product to a real estate friend.

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Questions were not difficult or complex.

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