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The interview questions were mostly very stock, with some easy technical questions. One question was "how do you instantiate a component in VHDL?". Kind of frustrating as I didn't think this was an entry-level position, and the interview was time-constrained.

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"port map" (the basic syntax required). IMHO this is not really an answer. I thought they were expecting a full explanation of what was required (or information about instantiating more advanced components, but no.

How would you improve the hardware design of a dismantled example gamepad?

Find shortest distance between axis-aligned rectangles

How many years experience of C++ do you have

What is static variable/functions? Why do you want to apply?

Write a program that prints the numbers 1 to 100 but for any number that has a '3' or '5' (not a multiple a 3 or 5) in it print Fizz/buzz or both. This is a harder variation of the normal fizz/buzz problem.

There's not a particular question that's most difficult. I'd recommend being pretty up on RTOS and recent embedded microcontrollers. In my case I feel I am rather up on C, C++, board design and bringup, hw tools, author-level linker and debugger tech, fair RTOS understanding at a kernel level, register-level ARM and AVR understanding, and decades of UNIX experience, and those didn't get me to "yes", despite all those fitting the job description. So you might wish to set expectations that a whole constellation of judgement may be at play and a good technical show may be just half of the requirements. I really don't know why I wasn't selected, unfortunately, so my guess is in a market like SF or Seattle one gets a pretty sweet pool from which to choose.

Write a program that checks if a 9x9 Sudoku puzzle is solved.