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General Manager Interview Questions in Seattle, WA

"Employers hiring general managers are looking for decisive leaders with previous management experience to oversee a department or division in the company. In an interview, be ready to discuss your ability to lead lower-level managers and implement improvements within the business. General managers may join the company directly through management, so interviewers will want candidates who are capable of forming strong relationships with established employees."

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Business Model: 1) Launch (how would you launch a grocery business at Amazon?) 2) Growth (what’s the best business model for streaming video?) 3) Pricing (what is the optimal price for the new Twilight book?)

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When in doubt, always rely on either the Virtuous Cycle or improving the customer experience as your case framework.

None of the questions were overly difficult or unexpected. The informal setting of my initial interview did throw me for a loop though.

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The Behavioral interview was completed in a very by the book method. Managers literally were reading from a script and writing down answers frantically as I provided them. It wasn't until after these necessary questions were completed that it felt like we were able to speak candidly about the position and what they were looking for.

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Metrics/Measurement - what is the best metrics to measure performance in DVDs?

What are some of your strengths that would help you to be successful in this position?

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Market Sizing - how many customers in the US shopped on in the past year?

They asked me questions about how I would adapt to working in such a large organization.

Who do you credit for you being the person you are today and why?

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