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The manager of component 'A' says his functionality is more important than that of component 'B.' The manager of component 'B' says his is more important than that of component 'A.' You can only implement one A or B, but not both - which do you choose to implement.

12 Answers

I reference the Product Plan and select the component w/ the higher priority. The interview says "There is no Product Plan." I say "I select the one w/ the higher ROI." They say "there is no ROI." I say "then I choose the component whose manager has the best rationale."

I would say to do my own research

I would say whichever is more valuable to customer & gives competitive advantage to Amazon.

Write a method to decide if the given binary tree is a binary search tree or not.

4 Answers

Tell me how you would scale a social media software platform?

3 Answers

In a given sorted array of integers remove all the duplicates.

8 Answers

how can a particular application be tested apart from testing its functionality

3 Answers

What would you do if senior management demanded delivery of software in an impossible deadline?

3 Answers

How would you respond to a customer who encountered a problem with a product or service.

1 Answer

How would you explain story points to a team who's new to Agile/Scrum?

4 Answers

How do you form positive relationships with developers and/or stakeholders?

1 Answer

Are you OK with helping out in the store when you're not making deliveries?

2 Answers
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