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IRC Engineer was asked...February 24, 2021

What are some of your strengths and weaknesses with examples?

Perdoceo Education Corporation

What have you done in a place of conflict in previous work history?

IRC was asked...November 29, 2018

They asked me to give a example of how I adhere to each of the organisational values (integrity, courage, partnership, ambition and respect).

IRC was asked...June 7, 2016

what is the use of RJ-11?

3 Answers

RJ-11 stands fot a city in Rajasthan. RJ = Rajasthan ; 11 = City no given according to the arrangment of initial lettter of the Cities. eg: RJ-20 RJ = Rajasthan 20 = KOTA RJ-14 RJ = Rajathan 14 = Jaipur Less

RJ11 has a 6P2C & 6P4C configuration

RJ11 has a 6P2C & 6P4C configuration

IRC was asked...March 2, 2016

How do u deal with conflict

1 Answers

By following protocol in the chain. Of command

South Carolina Department of Education
IRC I was asked...October 21, 2015

Why did i want to work for the SC DOE

Perdoceo Education Corporation

There was none.

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